BioGrowing Co., LTD takes part in Vitafoods Europe 2022 in Switzerland

Release time:2022-05-19

Vitafoods Europe 2022, the most important European exhibition focused on nutraceuticals, had the grand opening on May 10th in Geneva, Switzerland, accompanied by an online exhibition open to a global audience. This exhibition is divided into 4 exhibition areas and 4 nutritional product areas, covering exhibitors of raw materials, finished products, private brands, contract manufacturers, as well as services and equipment. BioGrowing Co., Ltd. as an important member of Informa's nutrition and health field, was invited to participate in this exhibition. About 1,300+ exhibitors and more than 25,000 industry experts from 120+ countries and regions around the world participated in the exhibition.



BioGrowing Co., Ltd., as a reputed manufacturer of probiotic raw materials, has been deeply involved in the field of probiotics for more than 20 years, having products exported to more than 60 countries and regions from around the globe. During this exhibition we have introduced a series of self-developed probiotic products, including bacteria powder, capsules and starters.



BioGrowing Co., Ltd. took part in the two consecutive Vitafoods Europe trade shows that were organized following the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, continuing a long tradition of exhibiting its products at this important event. Attending this trade show is always a great opportunity to have in dept conversations with professionals visiting BioGrowing’s booth, including long-term business partners, industry experts, business representatives or researchers, but also to take smiling group pictures.



BioGrowing Co., Ltd., as an established probiotics manufacturer for more than 20 years (established in 2006, but with more than 10 years of previous probiotic research and patenting), has a library of more than 4000 bacteria strains for which it owns intellectual property rights. At the same time, BioGrowing Co., Ltd., has an industry-leading technology for the preparation of probiotic bacteria powder: high-density fermentation technology, high-stability patented embedding technology, and high-activity freeze-drying technology. The products cover probiotic bacteria powder, yogurt starters, functional foods and derivative products, all of which are widely used in food, medicine and health care, daily chemical industry, aquaculture and many other fields.



Through the successful participation of Vitafoods Europe 2022, BioGrowing Co., Ltd. also aimed at delivering an important message to its partners. Although the pandemic has brought many challenges, and Shanghai has gone through a difficult period, which limited the opportunities to have direct interactions with our partners, everyone in BioGrowing has been working and its Shanghai headquarters factory has resumed normal working activity. Both our domestic and European staff are always ready to support each of our partners, hoping to provide markets from all over the world with complete solutions for the probiotics industry chain, and provide end consumers with high quality & safe probiotic products and spread the concept of healthy living.